(C) Evamaria Müller & Anna Sofie Lugmeier
(C) Evamaria Müller & Anna Sofie Lugmeier

Hearts Hearts were formed in Vienna by David Österle and Daniel Hämmerle in 2010. The bare boned sound of the initial duo rapidly evolved during sessions in a monastery in Upper Austria, with new members Johannes Mandorfer on the drums and the electronic musician Peter Paul Aufreiter. The latter was initially engaged as the producer of the band, but ultimately joined Hearts Hearts as a full member. The sessions – also including longterm collaborator and improvising cellist, Christina Ruf – saw the band’s sound change, gaining density, taking on more electronic elements. Able to play together throughout the night, and left to experiment with vintage equipment and racks of effects, the framework of Young was created. 2013 and 2014 were spent exclusively arranging, recording, editing, and mixing their debut.

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